Look Who's in Oklahoma Today!

Posted on 08/01/2007

The Seminole Nation Museum has once again been the recipient of some good press courtesy of our friends at “Oklahoma Today” magazine. The official state magazine of Oklahoma, the award winning periodical has featured the Museum in its second article in as many years. While the Museum was prominently featured in last year’s “Food Festivals” issue (the Wewoka Sorghum Festival was one of the featured events—even garnering a full-page photograph of sorghum making on the Museum grounds) this year, the magazine has selected us as one of the seventy-seven county destinations in their “Plan Your Escape” feature.

The story, written by contributing editor Brooke Adcox, selects venues in each of Oklahoma’s seventy–seven counties that are, as she explains, “patchwork pieces...essential to the Oklahoma Experience.”

We don’t know about being “essential,” but we do know we like being in the company of the Oklahoma City National Memorial (Oklahoma County), Eskimo Joe’s (Payne County), Quartz Mountain Resort (Greer County) and all of the other outstanding places that make Oklahoma unique!