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April Shower Fundraiser

April 18th, 2019 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Join us in our work advancing Wewoka’s number one tourist attraction! We need your help to foster growth and build a brighter, stronger future for the museum. Your support of our 2019 projects will enhance our services to the community, build capacity so that we may reach larger and broader audiences, fund new and engaging programs, and reinforce our role as a model for rural museums statewide.

We appreciate contributions of any size and thank you for your continuing support!

Built in 1937 by the WPA, the museum building is a source of pride to the city of Wewoka and its people. Unfortunately, the wear of time and the Oklahoma weather has irreparably damaged the building’s window sills and frames. They are rotted and damaged beyond repair. To protect the museum’s interior from pests, moisture infiltration, mold, and to abate security concerns, the issue must be addressed as soon as possible. The cost of fabrication/installation for the 8 windows is $10,000. Thanks to a generous prior gift of Dennis Myers and Wewoka Window Works, the window sash (glass) is relatively new and will not have to undergo replacement, only minor repairs.

Over the last decade, in an effort to reduce blight and be an engaged civic partner, the museum has removed ten dilapidated properties in its surrounding neighborhood. We now own and maintain approximately 5 acres of land in downtown Wewoka. This land is significant to the museum’s future as without it, we cannot grow. 

We therefore are in need of securing a parcel of unkept and ill-managed property adjacent to the museum. Ownership of these lots would allow us to enlarge the Sorghum Festival, develop new programming to serve hundreds of area school students annually, and provide for future expansion. The cost of purchasing the property and clearing the title is $5,500. Our thanks to the City of Wewoka for abating the condemned property.

Several of the museum’s outside lights are damaged, inoperative, or missing. To enhance visibility at night, save extensively on utility costs, and to address certain security issues, the museum is seeking $2,500 to upgrade our exterior lighting. Upgrades will include new ornamental fixtures and security lighting as well as the installation of LED bulbs in street lamps. Lower maintenance and long-term repair costs will also be an added benefit of the project.