Maj. Gen. Franklin A. Nichols Military Exhibit

Major General Franklin A. nicholsDedicated in honor of one of Wewoka’s favorite sons, the Major General Franklin A. Nichols Military Exhibit honors those area men and women that have served their country honorably since the First World War.

Highlights from this exhibit include a collection of “Willie and Joe” prints by famed WWII cartoonist Bill Mauldin and a series of hand-painted envelopes and V-Mails by Wewoka serviceman Stephen Douglas. Created during his tour in the South Pacific in WWII, Douglas’s colorfully ornamented messages to family represent the day-to-day life of soldier surviving half a world from home. A portion of this collection resides on display at the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC.

Envelope painted by Stephen Douglas during World War II.This room also has a tribute to the great 45th Infantry Division and a number of honored military leaders from Wewoka, including Robert M. Morgan, Franklin A. Nichols, Jerry Holmes and Robert S. Key.

Seminole Code Talker Tony Palmer




Visitors may also learn the story of local Seminole Code Talker Tony Palmer and his message, "It is good to climb and see."