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Legend of the Snake Clan

Posted on 04/28/2016


Painted by Seminole/Creek Master Artist Enoch Kelly Haney early in his career, “Legend of the Snake Clan” tells the story of two men hunting for food in the Everglades. One of them journeys off into a forbidden part of the Glades and hunts fish the Elders have warned them against. The next day, the young man begins to turn into a snake for defying the instructions of his Elders to not capture and eat the fish.

Groundbreaking at the time for its visual depiction of sacred Seminole legends, the artwork is now one of the most important and popular paintings in the Seminole Nation Museum’s permanent collection. Not only does the work entertain hundreds of school children and visitors each year through the telling of the parable about “minding your elders”, but it also provides insight into the rich and dynamic culture of the Seminole Nation.

This piece, along with many other amazing pieces of art and cultural artifacts of the Seminole tribe, will be on display in the newly renovated gallery, "An Everlasting Fire: the Seminoles of Oklahoma", coming June 25, 2016.