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Ballad of Barking Water - Signed 1st Edition

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Sally Johnson leaves Manhattan, Kansas for her first teaching job. Her destination is a small Eastern Oklahoma town called Wewoka. She vows she will only be there for a few years and then move on to bigger and better places. While there, however, she forges a lifelong friendship with another teacher, Fern Jones. Together, they spend the next five decades teaching together at Wewoka High School experiencing all kinds of challenges in their career together and a harrowing unsolved murder. Enter Edmond Wells, local museum director, he is asked to recover and identify the contents of a newly-discovered mysterious tunnel found beneath the high school. The tunnel contents connect Fern and Sally's harrowing unsolved murder mystery to the mystery he attempts to solve. As Edmond gets to solving the mystery, the more questions emerge. As he gets close to finding the killer, he may have to choose between his own life and letting the mystery remain unsolved. This historical novel is carefully researched. Ballad of Barking Water is an old-fashioned story. It will keep your attention as you follow the lives and adventures of the characters.