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Memories Shared...by Seminole Storytellers

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Memories Shared is a book about people and of their perceptions; of boom and bust; of mud roads and brick streets; of oil tycoons and vaude-villians; of country doctors and teachers; and even of cops and robbers. It is a book about places and about events of which there is little trace left but through the memories of those who participated, observed and survived. These tales bring to life the old, faded, and cracked photographs stored in the attics of our homes and of our minds. It does not pretend to be a factual history: that is recorded elsewhere. Instead these Seminole storytellers seek only to preserve the humanity of that history and to connect the previous generations with our own. They help us perceive the environment in which they lived and through their observations we can truly begin to understand who we are and get a glimpse of where we are going.