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Oklahoma Seminoles: Medicines, Magic, and Religion

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Out of print for nearly a decade, the book is THE definitive work on Seminole traditional culture and ceremonialism. It was written by author James Howard in collaboration with renowned Wewoka medicine man Willie Lena. 
The 280-page, softbound book contains 12 chapters on such topics as herbal remedies, sports and games, Green Corn, magic and witchcraft, the Seminole cosmos, and much, much more. It is an invaluable resource on Seminole, Creek and Southeastern Native traditions.

"Oklahoma Seminoles is a much-needed ethnography of a native American population that has been frequently overlooked or underplayed in the anthropological literature. The main focus of the volume is on medicine and magic. However, Seminole history, ceremonialism, sports and games, religion, mortuary practices, folklore, and culture change are also treated....At this point the book represents the best general source of ethnographic information about the Oklahoma Seminoles available in the literature. Both historians and anthropologists should find it useful." Journal of Southern History

"James Howard has provided a valuable contribution in this description of 'traditional' religious, magical, and medical belief and practice among the contemporary Seminole Indians of Oklahoma....The book's major strength is that it is a comprehensive descriptive overview of its subject. An additional strength lies in the illustrations by Willie Lena, which reflect the view of a native traditionalist and are ethnographic documents in themselves."

"This is a valuable scholarly source for comparative studies with other tribes or for the impact of white culture upon on uprooted native people."
Journal of the West

Volume 166 in The Civilization of the American Indian Series

James H. Howard was Professor of Anthropology at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK. He was the author of several books and articles in the field of American Indian studies.