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Alice & J.F.B: The Hundred-Year Saga of Two Seminole Chiefs

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Soldiers' bullets whistled by an Indian girl fleeing into the Everglades. President Andrew Jackson sent the U.S. Army to evict or kill all Indians in Florida. The girl was a brave and cunning teenager, Kunu Hut'kve (White Skunk)... At the same time, in 1836, aristocratic Dr. John Frippo Brown deserted Charleston, S.C. to venture west as an Army surgeon ... The two met, in a bizarre ''frozen eyeballs\" episode, in I.T. wilderness, married happily and raised on the bloody frontier a large, destiny-driven family. Two of their children, first-born John F., and a daughter, Alice, would emerge in the riotous era to each become Principal Chief of the Seminole Nation. This is their story, an almost unbelievable saga that stretches a century from pre-Civil War through Oklahoma's struggle for statehood on into the oil boom and dust bowl and Great Depression. This is not routine history but a vibrant intimate account of their private lives, revealing triumphs and heartbreaks, their good years and bad, told at times in their own words from letters and memoirs. This is the first true story of the Browns, correcting many myths and untruths previously published in error for many years. Most of all, Alice & J.F.B. is an exciting tale of adventure, danger, and romance in bygone Indian frontier years.