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Everlasting Fire: Cowokoci's Legacy in the Seminole Struggle Against Western Expansion

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During the American Revolutionary War there were many patriots fighting and dying for the cause of freedom. Within thirty years, following the successful conclusion of that conflict, another war would rage across the newly founded frontier-Indian removal. Tightly woven within this struggle for freedom by the Seminole in Florida were runaway Black slaves. Together they waged a seven-year conflict against the surge of Manifest Destiny. Patriots with names such as Osceola, Micanopy, Alligator, King Philip, and Sam Jones echoed off the pages of many American newspapers of the day. Sharing in this fleeting glory was Cowokoci, or Wild Cat, conceivably the most significant, yet least proclaimed of the Seminole patriots. After their removal from Florida to the Indian Territory disputes arose, fueled by western expansion, the Mexican-American War, the California Gold Rush, pro-slavery pressures, wild and unpredictable Plains Indians, and the question of Seminole autonomy. These irreconcilable adversities resulted in Cowokoci's eventual migration to Mexico, where the intrigues of Texas filibusters and marauding Plains Indians created an exciting and dangerous panorama. Here, the Seminole chief and his followers, would continue to search for refuge from a cataclysm that could not be stopped.