What We Carry Within 

Starr Hardridge (Mvskoke)

Composed of tens of thousands of tiny acrylic dots hand applied to Venetian plaster, "What We Carry Within" is an exceptional and grand work of pointillism, a painstaking art form rarely seen executed on this scale and in as vibrant a palette. The painting depicts the sorrowful march of tribal members as they journey along the Trail of Removal from their Southeastern homelands. They carry wihtin them the legacies and traditions of their ancestors, expressed through the motif of ancient Mvskoke bead work and traditional Mississippian-culture designs.

The painting is the work of artist Starr Hardridge, a gifted Mvskoke (Creek) painter who was raised throughout central Oklahoma. His work uses an assemblange of pointilllism and a southeastern woodland bead work aesthetic. Schooled in traditional disciplines of classical art,  his style continues to evolve with an abstracted symbolism influenced by a search for balance. His bold use of color and geometry wields a modern twist inspired by Mvskoke patterns and designs.


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