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aliceAlice Brown Davis, the first female chief of all of the five civilized tribes, was sworn into office in July of 1922 by President Warren G. Harding. Before being sworn in as chief, Alice spent the early decades of her life as a farmer, rancher, postmistress, educator, interpreter, missionary and mother to eleven children. Chief Alice’s compassion, determination and charity to the Seminole people made her one of the most beloved and honored leaders of her time.

April Showers Fundraiser in May!

April Showers are bringing May blooms to Wewoka’s Seminole Nation Museum on Tuesday, May 25 in the form the 25th Annual fundraiser sponsored by the Daisy Garden Club. The reception will be held from 11am to 2pm at the Museum and this year is open to the public! 

The museum excepts all gifts, big or small and is very appreciative of the people in this community who, every year, make this event so special. 

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Museum Taking Art Submissions

This year's Alumni Art Show is scheduled to take place between June 21st and July 31st, 2021. Currently the Museum is taking art submissions for this latest exhibition thru June 11th. This show will feature works from graduates of Wewoka High School and will feature some purchasable pieces.

If anyone would like to participate, the requirements are that they are a graduate of Wewoka High School and are an amateur or professional artist. Art of all kinds - paintings, pottery, sculpture, textiles, jewelry, etc. - is needed.

New Art Acquired

The Seminole Nation Museum is pleased to announce that it has recently acquired "After Church", an encaustic work by Muscogee (Creek) artist Bobby C. Martin. The painting is adapted from a photograph of his grandmother, mother (left), and aunt (right) taken on their farm "after church" on a Sunday afternoon many years ago.
As Martin states, "The(se) images provide a connection with my past, a way to remember and honor the generations that have come before—a way to commemorate our unique family heritage."


Seminole Signatures Art Exhibition open!

Our latest exhibit, "Seminole Signatures", is now open and ready for visitors. Featuring art from over 20 classic and contemporary artists of Seminole descent, each piece has been hand-selected from our Permanent Collection to convey the endurance and strength of the Seminole people, and to speak to the importance of heritage and tradition in Mvskoke culture.
The exhibition runs through June 12th, 2021.

Welcome to the Seminole Nation Museum

The Seminole Nation Museum documents and interprets the history and culture of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma and the people and events that make its capital, Wewoka, one of the most historically significant and culturally diverse communities in Oklahoma. Through the use of select artifacts, historic photographs and interpretive exhibits, the events and stories that shaped the home of the Seminoles for more than a century are chronicled in a captivating, educational and enlightening experience.